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Alunos de música da UFPI apresentam The Phantom Of the Opera

A Orquestra Sinfônica dos alunos da UFPI representaram no palco do Teatro 4 de Setembro o musical Fantasma da Opera um sucesso mundial, relembrado por talentos da nossa terra, parabéns, aqui eles cantam Olha nos meus olhos, segue a letra em Inglês para acompanhar:  Look in my eyes All I ask of you(is your love)  
Forget what happened
  Here at this time
  Silence and sense
  I am your poet
  I am your singer
  Your ruler and your slave
  Your river and your road ...

 come with me
  My beloved friend
  Clear summer
  always be
  My best gift
  Be it ever, as is
  It's everything you want ...

 Light as the wind
  Hot like the sun
  At peace in the brightness
  Without fear and longing ...

 Free as a dream
  Alegre as the light
  Desire and fantasy
  In harmony ...

 I'm your man
  I am your father, your son
  I am one who has loved you
  I am your partner
  Your Best Friend
  I'm going with you
  Be wherever you go
  And where is am ...

 come with me
  My beloved f…